From The Archives: Reaction to Sandy Hook school shooting

The story 10 years ago dominated the news cycle. We look back at how local people reacted. See what has and hasn't changed since then.

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Ten years ago, our area was reeling after the worst school shooting our country had ever seen.

For our Thursday Throwback, we share several of our stories from the day of the Sandy Hook shooting.
We hear from law enforcement, school officials and people who are just in shock that it happened.
The stories included questions about security at our own schools, gun laws, and thoughts from a school counciler.
Since the Sandy Hook shooting ten years ago, we have seen changes in our area.
School access and security have changed and there are now more SROs in more schools.
But CBS reports that we have still seen more than four thousand mass shootings over the last decade.
38 of them have been at schools.
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