40,000 COVID-19 At-Home-Test Kits to be Distributed in Hamilton Co.

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – The Say Yes! COVID Test At-Home Challenge launched Tuesday. The Hamilton County Health Department, CDC, and National Institute of Health all collaborated for this testing challenge.

“Starting today, 40,000 households in Chattanooga – Hamilton County will have the opportunity to receive a free test kit at home,” says Becky Barnes, Health Department Administrator.

“We are inviting our community to take the Say Yes! COVID Test Challenge. And, select two household members to test three times a week for one month. Participants must be eight years and older and must have the highest risk exposure to COVID -19,” says Dr. Urrego, Health Department Interim Health Officer.

The kit contains 25 tests inside, meant for two people to be able to test in the comfort of their own home. The test will be ready in just ten minutes, telling you if you’re positive or negative. The challenge is meant to catch those who are asymptomatic with COVID-19, otherwise known as the silent spreaders.

“The sensitivity of this kit is actually pretty good and it’s been, when we compare it to the gold standard which would be a PCR test. It gets to 86-87%, and the more often you do the test, the higher that number gets,” explains Dr. Urrego.

“There are people we realize out there that can’t be vaccinated whether its medical reason. Some for religious purposes. And, this gives us one more tool to help protect our community,” says Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger.

Only two counties in the nation were chosen to receive these at home tests. For more information on how to request or pick up a kit, go HERE.

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