Scammers claim to be Dade County Sheriff’s Office deputy

DADE COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)– A new scam is going around in Dade County where the caller is claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office.

If you get a call from the Dade County Sheriff’s Office, and it’s their number, it may not be them. There is a scam going around where someone says they are from the Sheriff’s Office. The caller says there is an active federal warrant out for person’s arrest and they have to pay a certain amount of money in cash.

They are claiming to be Deputy Sheriff John Price, who is their actual warrant officer.

“I don’t like it personally because we have worked so hard in this community to build up trust and faith in our community and that they will trust us and for someone to come on and use that trust to basically steal money from our people, I don’t like it,” Price said.

He says they don’t call someone and tell them they have a warrant.

“If I am going to serve a warrant on you. You will see my smiling face,” Price said.

Detective Barry Irwin says someone is spoofing or cloning their number.
He says that hasn’t happened to the sheriff’s office before.

“They have actually used our phone number through caller id to represent us,” Irwin said.

Detective Irwin says the caller asks the person to call another number.

“There is a short recording of Dade County Sheriff’s Office. Then it pauses of just a quick second and then someone pick up the phone and starts talking to you. If it is, we are not going to ask you for money like that over the phone and number two, it will be live a person right from the start,” Irwin said.

Deputy Sheriff Price, hopes people do not fall victim to this scam.

“If it sounds a little fishy. It normally is. If you have any doubt in your mind call us,” Price said.

Detectives say so far ten people have reported receiving this call.

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