These scammers are going to a lot of trouble in Dade County

TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – The Dade County Sheriff’s Office reports and old scam with a new dressing on top.

They are calling people and telling them that the Sheriff’s Department has warrants on them.

You have to send them a prepaid credit card to get off the hook.

That part isn’t new.

What is new is how far they’ve gone to convince you.

The scammers are using the actual name of the warrants officer in Dade County.

And they have cloned the Sheriff’s Office number, so that’s what comes up on the call.

In a statement, Dade officials say “Please tell everyone that you can, that we would never contact someone over the phone and request money.”

“If you receive a call from someone presenting themselves as a representative of the sheriff’s office, and they request money from you, in lieu of arrest, please hang up immediately.”

They say they are getting lots of calls about the scam and some have actually paid up.

“It is extremely difficult (near impossible) for us to stop these types of scams from happening, or pursue charges against someone for doing this, as it is usually an international entity.”

Earlier this week, DeKalb County Alabama officials warned about scammers that were trolling their roster of inmates about to be released.

Here is that story.

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