Scenic City Hosts 50th Annual “Uniformed Safety Education workshop”

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- You may see highway patrol cars from several states in downtown Chattanooga this week. They are here for the 50th annual “Uniformed Safety Education Officers workshop”..going on at the Chattanoogan Hotel.

“A lot of senior drivers will still raise their hands because they have the mentality that the big metal cars are still safer because of all the metal that’s in those cars. And its not safer. Because the newer cars have the capability to crumple..a factor built in to the cars..and airbags. They have seat-belts making those cars safer today,” said W.L. Wingate of the Kansas State Patrol.

The goal is to make driving safer for everybody..and sometimes these officers have tom break-down mis-information like that.

They are exchanging the best ideas from all the agencies.

“Normally if I build a power point it may take me two or three days ..if I’m going to present to a high school, and here we share all of our power points and all our information..all our videos so its such a huge resource to have as a public information officer,” said M/Sgt. Ray Hall of the Mississippi highway Patrol.

The Tennessee Highway patrol is host for the 4-day event.

Officers from many of the 30 states who are members are here, and some of their challenges are shared by all.

“They say that about 25 percent of our crashes now are due to distracted driving due to our cell phones. And honestly, I think that’s a low figure. I really think cell phone epidemic because every state, our fatalities in every state…you talk to any of them..they are skyrocketing,” said Sgt. Togg Hileman who is the P.I.O of the Kansas State Police.

And not all are from the USA.

“Being able to learn….to see what kind of programs are in place by other departments here across the United States, that we can take and transfer up to give quality education programming to our going to be a huge asset..a huge benefit,” said Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the Onterio Provential Police.

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