School Board Searches For New Superintendent

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The search for a new Superintendent continues this week, as Hamilton County School Board members sat down with the search firm to discuss the process.

Several things must first be addressed, before the search firm can select the best candidate to be the next Hamilton County School board leader.

“The amount of knowledge we have coming out of today, versus coming into today–even riding around–I would say is exponentially more–not just incrementally,” said Ken Carrick.

The search firm, Coleman Lew and Associates, is working with School Board members to find a new Superintendent for Hamilton County.

“We are trying to immerse ourselves as much as possible, without living here, to understand the dynamics with the school system here and what a new person coming in is going to face.”

The firm spent the entire day meeting with several education stakeholders, such as Chattanooga two-point-Oh, The principal’s association, and county commissioners, to get a better understanding of the job position….before sitting down with board members, to discuss future procedures and methods that will be used to pick the best person for the job.

“I’m excited to hear the feedback from those stakeholders, those are the people that can give it to us straight, um raw and they’re not worried about how it’s gonna affect anybody with what they say,” said school board member Karista Jones.

“Our job is not to select the next Superintendent. That’s not what we do. I’ve been doing this 31 years, and I’ve never hired anybody for my client yet *chuckles* uh neither has Jayne. Uh our job is to listen to what the community is telling us, listen to what the hiring authority–in this case–the school board is telling us, and go out and try to get a group of candidates that–as closely as possible–meet that criteria and hopefully give the board a tough choice,” said Carrick.

The firm says they will try to have several candidates chosen within the next two months, once they have a better understanding of the position.

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