School Board Trying To Find A Solution For Disciplinary Problems

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – Talks about Hamilton County Schools disciplinary issues have increased after last night’s school board meeting.

RHONDA THURMAN/HAMILTON COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD-Rhonda Thurman, a Hamilton County School Board member says, “The kids just have to know where to draw the line and I think it’s time we draw a red line and say we aren’t going to take this anymore.”

After two students, at two different schools, brought guns to school, the school board has been trying to figure out how to improve and enforce their code of conduct.

School board members have had enough of the disciplinary problems.

Thurman says, “We spend so much time, so much money, so much administrator time dealing with these situations instead of dealing with the 95% that want to learn.”

Other school board members have been surprised by how much students in their district have stepped up to encourage a productive learning environment.

Jenny Hill, from District 6 says,-“We have, for the most part, the same 44,000 students in our schools as we did last year. So, what has changed? We have a new code of discipline but, also, we have implemented full inclusion across our school system.”

Some teachers have reached out to Tiffanie Robinson of District 4 to voice their opinion about the new code of conduct.

Robinson says, “It’s become pretty clear that um the acts of the code of conduct that the board put together is a more stable and a more in depth strict policy that we had before. So I think that our problem is not conduct. I think it’s how we execute the new policy.”

Many board members feel as though there should be an additional alternative school.

Robinson also says, “However, what we were talking about last night is opening a second alternative school so that we can make it more accessible for students who maybe don’t live as close to where the current alternative school is.”

The school board is trying to decide what the best solution will be.


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