School Bus Adjustments for Hamilton County Schools

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ten. (WDEF)- Hamilton County schools are rolling in with some changes this year.

Students are expected to socially distance themselves before they even step on the bus.

“It starts at the bus stop and then once they get on the bus we’ll try to social distance” said Transportation Manager for the Hamilton County Department of Education David Eaves.

Eaves said virtual learning should help reduce the number of students on buses.

If a bus is full, the school district recommends students to the bus from the back to the front.

When buses are loaded after school, students should assign their seats with the first stops in the front and the last stops in the back.

“What we’re trying to do is keep the kids from passing other kids down the aisle way of the bus” said Eaves.

School leaders are pulling out all of the stops to make sure students and faculty are safe. News 12 spoke to parents in Hamilton County to see how they feel about the changes this upcoming year.

“I think it could work out. It’s going to be trial and error depending on how many kids need transportation” said parent Aisha McGee.

“I believe it’s good what they’re saying. I believe social distancing is important. I just don’t know how hard that will be for school age children” said Parent O’Ryan Moore.

“A lot of our young people, bus transportation is their only way to go to school. A lot of them do not have the luxury of staying at home and being educated at home virtually” said parent Ladarius Price.

“To wear mask all day and try to stay six feet apart I think it’s going to be a little difficult -a little challenging” said Moore.

Bus drivers are required to disinfect buses between high school, middle school and Magnet school runs

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