School Nurses prepare for the return of students

CLEVELAND, Tenn (WDEF) – Summer is coming to an end and schools are preparing for the return of students.

But in an effort to keep teachers and students safe during the pandemic, schools across the state are taking extra precautions this year.

The District Lead School nurse for Cleveland City Schools says nurses will have more responsibilities this year-on top of their usual duties. 

“The nurses will be in charge of gathering the PPE and distributing that to their teachers and staff. They will have to get with their administration and work out a plan for the logistics of their clinic and the isolation area,” says Rachel Taylor, District Lead School Nurse.

Cleveland City Schools says each school will have to work out a way to limit the flow of students through the clinics. 

“Things like stocking ice packs, bandaids and stuff like that in a lounge in a hallway that way it’s easier for the teachers to access. Put the stuff in several different locations so they aren’t having to congregate in one area. Just to limit that traffic flow,” says Taylor. 

With schools starting back in the fall in the middle of  a pandemic; nurses and teachers are asking parents to help donate extra school and sanitation supplies. 

“If there are things parents or community members are looking to donate, those lysol wipes or hand sanitizer are the kind of needed items in classrooms right now,” says Laura Hudson, School Health Coordinator.

The school system says they will be sending out a list of symptoms and procedures that need to be followed.


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