School tweets hilarious responses to students hoping for a snow day

(CBS News) — It’s not often that students in the Atlanta area get a snow day. So, Thursday night, as the prospect of a winter storm loomed over the southeast United States, students in Cherokee County, Georgia took to Twitter in anticipation of the news.

While neighboring school districts granted their students an early start to the weekend, however, the announcement for Cherokee County Schools never came. Exasperated, numerous students decided to take matters into their own hands, tweeting the school’s account directly in an attempt to sway the situation in their favor.

“Just 2 be safe go ahead and cancel school tmmrw,” wrote one student.

“@CherokeeSchools if I recall correctly isn’t dekalb and Cobb county under us and there closing early? Shouldn’t we?” asked another.

That’s when the Cherokee Co. Schools Twitter account came to life in spectacular fashion.

For every bit of sass a student tweeted, the school’s Twitter account had an equally sassy response.

When a student tweeted, “@CherokeeSchools wanna do me a solid and cancel tomorrow??,” the school quickly tweeted back, “@atreacts Hmmm. Lemme think. No.”

The school even managed to mirror the students’ sentence construction and social media savvy abbreviations.

The school even had a message for students who thought they were sneaking disguised curses past their teachers and administration.

In the end, Cherokee County Schools ended up canceling all afternoon and evening activities. Class, however, went on as usual … just perhaps with a few extra eye roll emojis.

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