SCORES aids Unveiled Bridal Studio

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Unveiled Bridal Studio in downtown Chattanooga opened up back in January but has been in the works for a while.

It’s a crazy story coming from a crazy lady that wanted to open a business during this time.

She went to SCORE for help. SCORE is a nationwide organization and has a mentor base right in Chattanooga.

It started with me going online and looking up I need a business mentor And SCORE popped up. So me just clicking that asking for the help, scheduling a meeting with them and from there it just really went really quickly.

They worked together as mentor and mentee and were able to open a wedding dress shop despite the pandemic and is navigating the difficulties of opening and running a business. 

I was so fortunate to get Pat as a mentor and she just really helped me to kinda really fine-tune it and get all my financials in order.

She had the start of a financial plan we just really need to fine-tune it. A lot of the help was understanding how the accounting needed to be displayed and talk to teach lenders how the books were kept. The buying industry has a unique way that they handle sample gowns. 

Score aiding numerous people trying to start or run a business but they need more mentors to show future business owners the way. 

We have 27 volunteers. Each of us brings our own expertise. Bankers, lawyers, CPAs, fortune 500 companies, some are small business owners so we can relate to what’s going on. A lot of it is whatever you need when you come through the door. It’s a unique experience.

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