Season 32 of The Amazing Race Features Tennesseans

DAYTON, Tenn. (WDEF)- Season 32 of The Amazing Race is getting a little taste of Tennessee.


Dayton, Tennessee’s Cody Buell couldn’t believe the phone call he received , asking him to join CBS’s reality TV show, The Amazing Race.

“I actually hung up on them about five times because I thought It was it was a scam. Nobody just calls you and says ‘hey you want to be on The Amazing Race?’” said Buell.

Buell has been noodling -catching catfish by hand- for about eight years.

He talks about his friendship with his partner on this season’s show, Nathan Worthington.

“He was actually the guy who taught me how to noodle. So I came down from Kentucky about seven years ago and I was looking for somebody to take me out to show me hand fishing. He taught me and we’ve became best friends ever since.”

Buell says he didn’t even apply for the show.

“They found my Instagram account and I guess they were looking for a couple of wild and crazy southern boys and that’s how they found us.”

Buell said The Amazing Race challenged more than his physical abilities.

“You don’t really know until you get there and I thought it was going to be a lot more physical but it was more mental and physical. It was everything.”

The chance to win 1 million dollars is motivating but Buell says the relationships he’s built with other cast members is priceless.

“I got to hang out with people that I wouldn’t normally get to hang out with. Different cultures races, creeds, religions. They were absolutely amazing people. The whole crew gets together and text everyday.

Season 32’s premiere of The Amazing Race airs October 14th.

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