Second Volkswagen Union Loses Privileges–ACE Says it Will Deal With VW “From a Different Direction.”

The “second” union at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant has lost some clout with the company’s workforce.

The American Council of Employees, known as ACE, has failed to meet minimum enrollment standards under the German automaker’s internal labor policy.

Volkswagen announced to workers Thursday morning that the UAW has once again been verified as representing at least 45 percent of workers at the plant.

The American Council of Employees has lost members and will no longer have privileges inside the plant.

MAURY NICELY , LEGAL COUNCIL, AMERICAN COUNCIL OF EMPLOYEES  “The regular meetings our representatives were having with management will not continue at this, we’re going to approach these meetings with management from a different direction.”

The UAW qualifies for the top tier of the company policy, which enables the union to interact regularly with management and have a meeting space within the plant.

But, that’s where then issue becomes clouded.

Volkswagen has refused to engage in collective bargaining with the UAW, which managed to unionize 165 maintenance workers at the plant.

It has appealed the decision of the NLRB.

ACE, meanwhile has plans to win support from the hundreds of new, uncommitted employees who will soon build the new SUV at the plant.

MAURY NICELY  “We ended up in a situation where a number of our supporters had moved on to other pastures, and obviously we’re in the process of continuing to try to shore up those numbers as well.”

Volkswagen requires 15 percent representation to win recognition.

The legal council for ACE says it will continue to have a voice with Volkswagen employees.

MAURY NICELY “One thing we do know is, that ACE is still committed to working with Volkswagen and working in Chattanooga to help improve the workplace. And that’s been their goal from the start.”


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