SECURITY CHANGES: No guns allowed at Riverbend

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- A big change has been made to the restrictions at Riverbend.

New legislation prompted festival officials to decide to no longer allow firearms at Riverbend beginning this year.

Lt. Austin Garrett, with the Chattanooga Police Department says, “It’s a big change and we want to make sure we get that out to people because we don’t want them to get to the gate and have to turn around and put it up or even carry it back home, however you want to secure it.”

Lt. Garrett says law enforcement officials are urging Riverbend goers to avoid the hassle and leave your firearms are home.

Firearm permit holder Dan Spriggs says this change will do more harm than good.

Dan Spriggs says “God forbid, there is an incident and a person is forced to protect themselves or their family or even friends or otherwise they will be at a disadvantage. Criminals don’t care… Law abiding citizens do. The more law abiding citizens that carry the more the criminals have to fear.”

Lt. Garrett says, “every decision that the festival makes regarding that type of issue is based on safety of their attendees.”

Others believe no matter the change… tragedies happen either way.

“I just think that whatever somebody wants to do they’re going to do whether police are there not because people are crazy that’s the way this world is,” says Foster.

Lt. Garrett says that they are working with festival officials and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office to make sure that every can safely enjoy the festivities.

“If you see something that doesn’t look right or suspicious let us know, provide us with that information so that we can go and look at it and make sure that there is nothing wrong with what you see.”

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