See a WDEF TV Program Guide from 1957

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – A viewer recently shared a piece of WDEF-TV history with the station. Marsha Armour mailed “A Complete Guide of WRGP and WDEF” for the week of June 8th thru 14th to the News 12 Now studio.

The small pamphlet lists the programs that aired each day during that week in 1957 including shows such as Captain Kangaroo, Ed Sullivan, Alfred Hitchcock, as well as daytime soap operas, Guiding Light and As The World Turns.

There were a couple baseball games on June 8th. The Milwaukee Braves against the Pittsburg Pirates on WRGP and the New York Yankees at the Detroit Tigers on WDEF.

The document also includes a ‘Who’s Who’s in Local Television’ section featuring WRGP-TV’s Community Director, Larry Keown. The pamphlet was printed compliments of Earl’s TV Service on Ringgold Road.

The back features an advertisement for special photo book, “Chattanooga, Yesterday and Today”, an ideal Father’s Day Gift containing over 500 pictures.

WRGP are the original call letters for WRCB, Channel 3, the local NBC affiliate.

See the scan of the pamphlet in the gallery below.

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