Selection committee will start the process of finding new Chattanooga Police Chief

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Mayor Andy Berke announces how the city will go about finding a replacement for Police Chief Fred Fletcher, who is retiring this summer.

A community selection committee will recommend finalists (3 or less) to the mayor.

They will review the applications, narrow the field, interview them and make their recommendation(s).

“Establishing a committee made up of community members and external stakeholders is the same formula we used to select Chief Fletcher,” said Mayor Andy Berke. “That strategy produced great results last time and I am confident it will help us again determine the right chief to lead our police department forward.”

Six people will serve on the committee.

They are former District Attorney Bill Cox, former chairperson of Highland Park Neighborhood Association’s Safety Committee Olga de Klein, former US Attorney Bill Killian, Pastor Ternae Jordan of Mt. Canaan Baptist Church, TechTown CEO Chris Ramsey, and the Honorable Judge Christie Sell.

“Including the perspective of those whom you serve is immensely important when making a decision such as this,” said selection committee member, Pastor Ternae Jordan. “I look forward to adding my voice to this process, to ensure our next police chief shares the values of the community in which he or she will serve.”

You can also voice your opinion in a citizen survey put together by the Citizen Safety Coalition.

It will be posted online in the next few weeks.

The City Council will have final approval.

The mayor says they will not use an outside hiring search firm this time, like they did with Chief Fletcher.

“Because of strong internal candidates in the police department today, as well as the national interest in Chattanooga, the city will forgo hiring an outside search firm for this process. However, all candidates will be considered equally regardless of whether they are internal or outside applicants. ”

The city encourages all qualified persons to apply.

Applications will be accepted from May 17, 2017 until June 5, 2017.

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