Sen. Bob Corker launches Twitter attack on Paris climate accord

WASHINGTON D.C. (WDEF) – Sen. Bob Corker on Friday kept up his support of President’s Trump’s decision on the Paris Accord on Twitter.

He chose the President’s favorite medium to attack the climate agreement.

Last night, Senator Corker issued this statement on the President’s action:

“I appreciated the opportunity to talk with President Trump and his team several times this week about his decision on the Paris climate agreement,” said Corker. “The substantive requirements of the agreement are, in fact, non-binding. On the other hand, legitimate concerns have been raised about the likelihood of domestic interest groups using the agreement to file lawsuits in an effort to halt the repeal of regulations which, while being litigated, would stifle economic growth here at home. I appreciate the president’s desire to renegotiate an agreement that is more in line with what is achievable in a manner that promotes an increase in the standard of living of American citizens and protects our environment. I stand ready to work with him toward that end.”

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