Sen. Bob Corker Rules Out Run For President in 2016

   Chattanooga’s Bob Corker will not join the Republican field for President in 2016.
   The Senator tells WPLN radio that he is pleased with the current crop of candidates.
   In the interview, he said "I’m very challenged with my current role as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. It’s involved me in things beyond what I ever anticipated."
   "I haven’t thought of it, by the way, in months and months and months, as I saw the field shaping up in a good way."
   Listen to his entire statement here.
   A recent MTSU poll didn’t offer Senator Corker much encouragement to run.
   It asked Tennesseans if they thought he should run for President.
   Only 11% said yes, while 41% said they thought it was a bad idea.
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