Sen. Corker is out of here… laughing all the way


Sen. Bob Corker remains in Washington for a final (?) vote on funding the government.

Today, media outlets quote him as taking jabs at talk radio hosts who are influencing the President.



WASHINGTON D.C. (WDEF) – It’s not a joking matter to many in Washington these days.

But not Bob Corker.

He told reporters today he was getting on a plane to Chattanooga with a smile on his face.

The crisis-of-the-day in Congress was the looming government shutdown.

President Trump decided to reject a compromise agreed to last night in the Senate that gave him some, but not all the money he wanted to build the wall on the Mexican border.

Late Thursday, the House passed a spending plan with all of the wall money included (pushed by a Speaker who is leaving, and a Republican majority that switches to a Democratic majority in a few weeks.)

Meanwhile the President is cancelling his trip to Florida, Senate leaders are confused over what deals they can make, and the funding deadline looms at midnight Friday.

As for Senator Corker, he was just laughing as reporters were covering the last minute dealing over the shutdown.

He was being asked to describe the chain of events in the last 24 hours and just broke into laughter at the spectacle

“You can’t make this stuff up! Y’all have fun.”

“I might not see you all again in a while.”

He, too, is leaving office in a few weeks.

Even if the Senate strikes another deal on Friday, he says he probably won’t fly back to Washington to vote on it.

Senator Corker was much more concerned on Thursday about the President’s sudden decision to pull troops out of Syria.

Yesterday, he was at the White House for a scheduled meeting with the President on Syria and learned it was cancelled as he sat there.

And late Thursday, he tweeted his support for the Secretary of Defense who quit after realizing he no longer agrees with the President.

Back on the budget impasse, Corker said the Senate leadership has no guidance now from the Administration on what to try next.

He told The Hill “I think they’re just sort of swirling around over there at the White House.”

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