Sen. Corker’s exit interview on CBS This Morning

NEW YORK (WDEF) – Chattanoogan Bob Corker will make his final appearance on CBS This Morning as a U.S. Senator on Wednesday.

The pre-taped interview by John Dickerson should air at 8:36 AM, unless breaking news changes things.

CBS says “Tennessee Senator Bob Corker speaks out as he prepares to leave Congress about why he has repeatedly tangled with the president from his own party, what he wished he had been able to accomplish in Congress and whether he plans to run for president in 2020.”

Here is a preview (on Saudi Arabia):

JD: Do you think there’s any doubt that MBS was involved in this murder?

BC: I look at it this way I personally think he directed it. I do not have access to a smoking gun i think he directed it but even if he didn’t which I don’t think is the case, he'[s responsible for the agency that carried out the killing and he’s taken no ownership of it. If the CEO of your network if something terrible happens the CEO owns it and that to me, again i think he directed it, he knew all about it. I think his half brother lured him into the consulate. But even if that’s not the case, he is responsible for what happened and we’ve caused him to take no ownership.

JD: Your point is is doesn’t matter if there’s a smoking gun.

BC: No. Does not matter.

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