Sen. Marsha Blackburn visits Taiwan

She is the latest U.S. Representative to defy China by visiting the rival nation they claim as theirs

TAIPEI, Taiwan (WDEF) – Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn is the third U.S. official to defy Chinese objections by visiting Taiwan in recent weeks.

She made a surprise visit, landing on Thursday and continuing through Saturday.

Of course, Taiwanese independence is a huge soar spot for the Chinese government, which considers the island-nation theirs.

The latest tensions began when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan earlier this month.

Another group of lawmakers visited a week later.

Republican Blackburn is a fierce critic of Democrat Pelosi, but she expressed total support for the Speaker’s trip to Taiwan, even as others questioned it.

Blackburn is also a fierce critic of China.

“Taiwan is our strongest partner in the Indo-Pacific Region. Regular high-level visits to Taipei are long-standing U.S. policy. I will not be bullied by Communist China into turning my back on the island,” said Senator Blackburn.

“During my visit to Taiwan, I look forward to hearing directly from the nation’s leadership about their needs and how we can support freedom for the Taiwanese people. I look forward to meeting with leaders in Taipei to advance and strengthen our partnerships.”

The Chinese government has fired missiles and held military exercises off of and over Taiwan to protest the previous visits.

A spokesperson promised “resolute countermeasures” over the latest political visit.

The Biden Administration is saying the Congressional members have visited Taiwan for years, and there is nothing different about the current trips.

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