Senate Hearing on Vaccines and Local Reaction

Senator Lamar Alexander didn’t mince words Tuesday morning at a senate hearing on vaccinations when he declared, "Vaccines save lives."

At the hearing, senators and medical experts from around the country met in Washington to discuss vaccinations, their safety and efficacy, and potential mandates in light of the recent measles outbreak.

Mississippi is one of only two states with a law that will not allow personal exemption from disease vaccination amongst children living there.

Local medical professionals weighed in with WDEF News 12 on Tuesday and shared their thoughts on vaccinations and these potential federal mandates.

Dr. Danny Dereuter, a chiropractor working from his Natural Life Clinic in Dalton, GA said he vehemently opposes any federal law requiring vaccinations.

"It’s a human rights issue  This is still the United States and you have the right to not introduce any foreign materials into your body.

Dr. Mark Anderson, an infectious disease doctor at Memorial Hospital, shared a very different opinion    and from a very personal experience.

"A very young baby died of measles encephalitis while I was holding the baby  I had to tell the mother and hand this child back to the mother who just died from something preventable."

Dr. Anderson wants us to continue to talk about mandatory national vaccination laws.

"A disease that there is a very safe vaccine for that can help prevent the spread of this," he said "I think it is a reasonable thing to do to place restriction on people who refuse to do that."

With the national spotlight on the rise of autism in children, theories run rampant on reasons for the push to vaccinate.

Dr. Dereuter said, "I think it is a concerted effort by the pharmaceutical industry to try to shove these vaccines down our throat."

Dr. Anderson countered, "I don’t make one red cent from vaccines.  I don’t sell them  I don’t own stock in vaccine companies.  I promote those because it is the right thing for the patients I take care of and for the people in our society."

Reported by Andy Santoro

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