Senator Bell on EPA

A Tennessee State Senator says the Federal Government has gone too far.
Mike Bell says new rules proposed by the EPA could make your power bill skyrocket.
The Senator is taking aim at new regulations concerning air pollution and waterways across the nation.
He says it’s possible that those rules could mean up to a 40 percent rate hike for electricity.
And the Senator says the Government would have control over all kinds of waterways, from creeks, to ditches.
"In fact Farm Bureau, who is one of the groups that testified in our committee hearing that day had a picture of a wheat field with just a little wash in it, no water, but just a little ditch that had gone through, and the EPA had declared that a waterway. A water of the U.S."
Right now the rules are on hold while the EPA collects comments.
Senator Bell says if they pass, it would be the largest expansion of federal power in modern history.

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