Senior Matters: Morning Pointe Senior Living

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – For seniors, sometimes it’s the little things that bring the most pleasure.

Like a hug from a grandchild, a warm spring morning…or even a milkshake.

Getting a milkshake has become a major event for some residents of Morning Pointe Senior Living.

News 12’s Bill Mitchell explains in tonight’s edition of senior matters.

Once a week a group seniors loads up in a bus and heads for Steak and Shake on Gunbarrel Road.

They are there for the milkshakes…and also to do a good deed.

Since the bus can’t get close to the takeout window, Holly Holcomb calls in the order.

And since it takes a while to pay—there’s a problem for others in-line.

HOLLY HOLCOMB, MORNING POINTE SENIOR LIVING “So we thought it would be really nice if we would do something nice for them, they had to wait for we decided maybe we should pay for their order…and then it just kind of snowballed and we’ve been collecting money and and we have so much fun.”

“ALL righty sir…your food is paid compliments of Morning Pointe….. ok…thank you. …excellent.”

Richard Booker and his wife Brook were next in line.

RICHARD BOOKER “well, this was a little bit of a shock to you today, wasn’t it? Yes, it was a nice shock …for everyone..I’ll take it any day.”

The staff knows the weekly routine.

JENNIE COUNCIL of STEAK AND SHAKE says “It’s just one of the things that people as a community …do, we have so much negativity in our community. People just wanting to give some love forward.”

Back at the drive through window, apparently the joy is contageous!

“Come on down to steak and shake and get you a burger..and get you a shake on the side.”

BARBARA SUMMER “What do you get out of this? Ha ha…a milkshake..milkshake.”

SUSIE DAVIS “We give back like Holly said, to the community, and its just a lot of fun to see happiness.”

RUTH LOWERY “I love being with these people. I have fun with all of them.”

Barbara Burgess says “WELL, we come and we act crazy and have a lot of fun..and then,we’re giving them a milkshake and they’re happier than we are.”

These folks from Morning Point apparently are on to something.

For Senior Matters, Bill Mitchell, News 12 Now.


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