Senior Matters: Not retiring from working out

Most of us would agree that someone who worked 3 jobs for years deserves a rest and a peaceful retirement.

But, in the real world that’s not always the way it works.

A Chattanooga woman has the retirement part now—but she’s working as hard as ever.

Here’s News 12’s Bill Mitchell with tonight’s Senior Matters.

Eugenia Herndon is now 60 years old. She’s from a military family so joining the Coast Guard Reserve was an easy move. But she did spend 25 years in the reserves, while holding down a series of other jobs. She was literally always working.
But Eugenia has found something that keeps her interested and busy these days.

EUGENIA HERNDON, RETIRED “I’ve always been..having been in the military, you have to make a certain weight, if you don’t make that weight you have to make the body fat standard ..and it got to when I was in my 50’s that I was overweight…and so I went on a very, very strict diet…and I absolutely hated that diet..but I got my weight down to the body fat standard…and I though well, I want to go back to looking like I use to when I was in my 40’s…and I so I found ..I thought I need something pretty.. not just your regular gym but a good intensive gym…and I found this place and they’ve just been wonderful. ”

Eugenia works out daily at Scenic City Boot Camp in Hixson. The program they designed is unique to her.
But What was her motivation?

EUGENIA  “a friend of mine…she says…do you live to work or do you work to live? And I went to a financial advisor and he said sure, you can go ahead and retire…so I said OK, I’m done!”

The staff at Scenic City Boot Camp has come up with dozens of physical challenges for retirees like Eugenia. But a lot depends of their dedication.

KEVIN HARVEY, OWNER BOOT CAMP “she’s a firecracker. She came in and she had already done you know she was in the coast I knew that she was going to be a hard worker…but her attitude is awesome wheh she comes in and everyone just loves her at the gym.”

EUGENIA  “Have a plan of action. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you can stay in bed…and not get up and move. And so you need to be fit and healthy and have fun.”

Kevin says he’s seeing a lot of older people there.

KEVIN HARVEY “I think I go back to that saying “50 is the new 40″, probably—uh, I thin k that’s the trend that I’m seeing with the older population. They want to feel vibrant and young again.”

EUGENIA  “TO ME, I lost 30 years of my life just working myself to death.And I thought I only go around life I’m gonna have fun.”

For Senior Matters, Bill Mitchell News 12 Now.

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