Senior Matters: The pool program at the YMCA can keep people moving later in life

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – It’s true–there is no fountain of youth!

We all get older, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to lose mobility or good health.

Hundreds of people in the tri-state area are taking advantage of programs that help keep them going.

News 12’s Bill Mitchell hears from some of those folks in tonight’s Senior Matters.

SALLY FORD “we look like a bunch of bobbing heads on the water, but there’s a whole lot going on underneath there.”

Most of us make an effort to take care of our bodies as we age…and that takes different forms…but hundreds of people in our area have found that water aerobics is best for them. These folks are at the Downtown YMCA in Chattanooga.

SUZANNE DRUESER  “I think that as the baby boomers age, that we need to think outside the box. We don’t have to run until we’re 80 or 90 years old. I think that if you mix your routines up..where you do maybe bicycling one and running the other day and water exercise or swimming the other day..if you mix it up a little bit you’re less likely to be injured…and you’re going to be able to walk when you’re 90 years old.”

Some are recovering from surgeries or injury.

Richard Ford has had back surgery..he says the water exercise is what he needed.

RICHARD FORD “Excellent, I had both knees replaced also and its really helped that too.

SALLY FORD ” FOR me its a little different. I do it for toning , uh aerobics, and just overall well being.”

Rosemary Higgs has been coming here for Two years.

ROSEMARY HIGGS “it’s great, because I have neuropathy in my feet…I can’t do the floor this is perfect.”

There’s another reason many of these folks are here.

SUZANNE DRUESER, WATER EXERCISE INSTRUCTOR (IN:01:52:51) “a lot of people come because, a lot of times people may be living by themselves and it has an opportunity to meet people and do things together.”

ROSEMARY HIGGS  “I made a few good friends here. We get to see each other 3 times a week, and get to know each other.”

It’s not just seniors here for these regular classes a lot of younger people are joining also.

Check with the YMCA is you’re interested.

For Senior Matters, Bill Mitchell News 12 Now.


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