Senior Matters: Randy Webb still fitness training at 78

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chances are you lead a busy, active life, and it may not include enough physical exercise.

Randy Webb is showing us all up.

He exercises all day, every day.

And we can learn a few things from him, in tonight’s Senior Matters.

Randy Webb instructing”….simple pushups, keep your body straight, come down a little bit, you don’t have to go to the floor.”

How many repetitions can you do? Randy Webb is 78 years old and he can keep this up all day.

He conducts 15 or 20 physical fitness classes a week at the D I sports training gym in East Brainerd.

“This coming June 16, will be 54 years . I’ve been training people fitness and I taught martial arts for 20 years, too.”

From school kids to professional athletes, he’s trained them all, emphasizing diet and nutrition all the way. He has many admirers.

General Manager Jeff Smith says “full body training. I think Randy does some of the best jobs I’ve ever seen. He always talks about your mind set, your nutrition. When you come to Randy Webb, you get everything that you would need to live a healthy life.”

Randy stresses the exercises most of us need to be doing.

“You rarely see kids out playing anymore and so mobility, just getting out and throwing a ball or getting out and running around ..whatever that might be…is good, you know is a good healthy foundation for them.”

So age is not necessarily a deterrent to physical fitness?

Randy says “…absolutely not. I mean, you know we’re built to last for a lot longer than what most people think and they are.”

Jeff Smith says “He does a great job with his age group…but he also does a lot of things with all ages. He’s been available. I think he’s done every from schools to military training to martial arts, so he just got really got a whole lot more to offer to everybody. ”

One of his students 25 years ago was our news 12 colleague Ashley Henderson. We wanted to know if he could still do the tough exercises.

Yep….Randy taught him well.

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