Senior Matters – Skydiving

Darleen Kennedy, a retired educator from Ardmore Oklahoma, is visiting Chattanooga with her husband for a few weeks. She saw it as an opportunity to check off a few things from her bucket list. She showed up at Chattanooga Skydiving Company a few days ago.

Darlene Kennedy said, “We got to be on a balloon chasing team and then we got to go up in the hot air balloon and I loved it. Thought it was really awesome. So ever since then I’ve wanted to skydive and I wanted to zipline and parasail and whitewater raft… all those fun things.” So Darlene suited up and joined Instructor Barefoot Rick and ended up 14,000 feet over Jasper Tennessee.

“Perfect Rick was just great. Absolutely wonderful. He just explained everything when we were in the air coming down.” Darlene’s family was not a hundred percent in favor of her senior adventures,” added Darlene.

“I asked my husband, I said I don’t see myself as a thrill seeker or an adventure junkie to you and he said you just jumped out of an airplane. Don’t you think that’s a little bit like an adrenaline junkie? No okay, I guess maybe,” said Darlene.

There were camera operators all around them as Darlene and Rick floated to the ground and the tandem harness. The landing was easier than she thought. You just scoot along the ground on your rear end. It ends up though with a big celebration.

Justin Sylvia with Chattanooga Skydiving Company said, “A lot of people these days, they’ve taken care of themselves, they’re healthy. I mean come on, learn to skydive. We’ve got a lot of those people getting involved, learning to skydive at this point in their life. There’s a lot of active seniors out there in the community.”

Darlene wants to make another job and she dared me to join her so I accepted the challenge of course but I had to point out that I’ve got this bad knee and I just might have to cancel at the last minute. For Senior matters Bill Mitchell news 12 now you

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