Sensory Deprivation Tank Let’s Chattanoogans “Float” at New Company Lucidity

     If you’ve never heard of a sensory deprivation tank then the idea might seem strange to you, but it’s an experience that’s been growing in popularity over the years to help with stress and other issues.
    what John Kelle and Brandon Rakowski have created at Lucidity, is a float center, one of only about 100 in the country.
        "What we’re doing here is offering somebody a non pharmaceutical non invasive transformational experience," sais Rakowski.
       It holds about 10 inches of water and 800 pounds of epsom salt to keep you floating in the dark sealed tank.
        "It’s completely dark, completely silent and the temperature is designed to be the same temperature as your skin. So what that does is literally removes the sensory input that the brain is processing." said Kelle.
   Kelle is also getting his masters degree in psychology and working on a thesis paper on sensory deprivation.
        The owners say even people that are nervous about getting in the tank, feel comfortable once they’re in.
    They even have an open float tank for people that might not be ready for the full experience.
        "Some people walk in and you can tell they’re overburdened. They’re stressed out. Then they walk out of that room and have a glow to them. They’re talking slower and it’s an awesome change to see in people."  Kelle said.
        Lucidity is also one of the only float centers with therapeutic pool center since it is overseen by a medical director.
        If you’re interesting in checking Lucidity out for yourself, you can find them here:

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