Sentences for ex-pastor’s family running “Hulkbody” steroid ring online

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WDEF) – A federal judge has sentenced five members of the Pasternak family from Newport, Tennessee in a steroid drug conspiracy case.

There were 22 defendants in all connected to the steroid ring.

But it was run by the Pasternak family…59 year old Edward Stanly Pasternak, former pastor of Life and Praise Worship Center, his 52 year old wife, Lori and their 3 sons.

The middle son, 28 year old Joel, was the ringleader.

He got a sentence of 108 months in prison.

His dad was sentenced to 36 months and his mom got a year.

The other brothers got just four days in prison plus probation.

Prosecutors will also collect fines, real estate, cars and boats, all bought with steroid money.

Prosecutors say the ring imported raw steroid powders from China and other countries, converted them to pills or liquid, and marketed them online.

They used the Incredible Hulk image and named their product Hulkbody.

“Customers purchased the steroid products by sending money to Western Union, MoneyGram, and Walmart-to-Walmart Money Transfer using false identities.”

Prosecutors say the family operated five clandestine steroid labs in the Johnson City area.

They made thousands of transactions and pocketed $2.8 million in the process.

Federal investigators say they operated one of the largest illegal steroids labs in the U.S.

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