12 year old honored as the best kind of first responder

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A 12-year-old is being credited for saving the life of her mother and acting as a first responder until help arrived.

The medical emergency happened on her 12th birthday so the first responders held a surprise party for her today to thank her.

This emergency happened here at this intersection after their birthday dinner and first responders say her name is explains her demeanor when she was forced to jump into action.

Ken Wilkerson, the Hamilton County EMS Director, says “Serenity stepped up and gave us something we surely need and that was a little extra time. She was the first responder on that scene.”

The medical emergency interrupted 12-year-old Serenity‘s birthday.

First responders rushed to an unconscious party at a busy intersection Gunbarrel and East Brainerd.

However, Serenity jumped into action without a second though.

Serenity Russell says, “She has had seizures before where I have taking care of her so I know what to do she’s my mom and I love her.”

The Chattanooga Fire Department and Hamilton County and emergency management held an impromptu birthday party for Serenity, not too far from where they say she made all the difference.

Phil Hyman, the Chattanooga Fire Chief, says, “12-year-old serenity is the kind of person we love to have in our community.  She did an outstanding job, and we really just want to congratulate her.”

Serenity and her mother Roni say they are grateful to be here celebrating a 12-year-old who first responders call mature beyond her years.

Serenity says she was speechless when receiving this honor.

Roni Mothershead, Serenity’s mother says, “It’s amazing for me. She is such a responsible young girl so to see her recognized like this is just an amazing feeling.”

Right now, Serenity believes she’s a future artist or basketball player.

The first responders say if that doesn’t work out, she’ll have a place here as a paramedic.

“This is an act of a true hero, we thank you very much.”


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