Sexual Assault on Webb Road Tuesday

Chattanooga Police responded to an alleged sexual assault early Tuesday morning on Webb Road near Booker T. Washington State Park.

The victim is a 25-year-old white female.

Authorities say she was dropped off along Highway 58 very early Tuesday morning by someone she knew.

Moments later, she was picked up by a stranger.

"One of our investigators responded to begin the investigation," said Sergeant Michael Wenger with the Chattanooga Police Department. "We spoke to the young lady who advised us she was picked up by a stranger, got a ride from a stranger, who took her to another location off of Webb Road and during that time he sexually assaulted her."

The victim managed to escape before sustaining any injuries and was able to flag down another vehicle.

This drive drove her to the 4600 block of Highway 58 where she was able to call authorities.

"As a passerby was coming by she was able to get in the car with that individual and they left and that’s when we were actually called," said Wenger. 

This woman was assaulted by a stranger… And then helped by a stranger.

"We’re very thankful that he helped her," said Wenger. "Obviously her claim is that someone else assaulted her and then we have another side of that where an individual came to her aid, and we’re thankful for that and she’s thankful for that and fortunately he was able to get her somewhere where she could call for help."

The suspect is still on the loose.

"She describes the suspect as a black male in his thirties with clean shaven, dark skin," said Wenger. "He was wearing a Georgia-style toboggan. I don’t know if it had a G on it or it said Georgia on it bit it was a sports style toboggan. He was driving a silver or grey newer model sedan."

Authorities urge anyone with knowledge of the suspect to immediately call Chattanooga police.

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