Sgt. Thurman and “Duke” Featured on August First Responder

Teamwork is important for First Responders.
Police, deputies, EMS and rescue crews all learn to work and train together…and the same is true of those who work with animals.
Our First Responder for the month of August has been working with his bloodhound for weeks now, and it came in handy a couple of times lately.
News 12’s Bill Mitchell visits with Bradley county deputy Jamie Thurman and his partner “Duke”.

Duke is a two year old bloodhound. He’s a certified K9 officer–but he’s not a “police” dog.
Duke’s specialty is finding lost he and his human partner, Sgt. Jamie Thurman did back in July.
One of their first cases was the disappearance of a 90 year old man who suffers from dementia. He took a walk on this path near Keith street but soon ended up lost in the deep woods that evening. The weather was a factor.

SGT. JAMIE THURMAN ” There had been some previous heavy rains and storms that came through..and it was one of those things that we were kind of in question on whether it would be good to search with a dog…but as always we’re willing to try.”

They quickly found the man and returned him to his family.

It may look easy, but Sgt. Thurman and Duke trained for weeks before they hit the street a few weeks ago.

SGT. JAMIE THURMAN “We were able to start out, basically….(barks)..just with him.”

Sheriff Eric Watson recalls another incident last weekend when deputies were looking for two convicted felons who fled in to the woods. .

SHERIFF WATSON “Within minutes after Sgt. Thurman got Duke out of the car, one of them was apprehended that was hiding in the woods.”

Duke is new..but Sgt. Thurman has been at the sheriff’s department for 16 years.

SHERIFF ERIC WATSON, BRADLEY COUNTY ” He’s a friend to many people..a great Christian employee that we have..he’s very well looked up to by his subordinants..we’re very proud to have Sgt. Thurman and the new addition Duke to the force.”

Because he has become a valuable new asset to the department, Sgt. Jamie Thurman was given the Bradley county Lifesaving Award in July.
And tonight, News 12 adds more recognition with our First Responder of the Month award.
Oh, and you too..Duke!
If you’d like to nominate a First Responder for our monthly award, just send us the name and information to News@WDEF.Com.

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