Shenandoah Baptist Church honors Charles Coolidge, WWII veterans

CLEVELAND, TN (WDEF-TV) Shenandoah Baptist Church in Cleveland honored some of our local veterans from World War II.

The small group was being honored at an event called "I Love America Sunday" and in that small group was war hero Charles Coolidge.

“December 7, 1941, a date which will leave in infamy” are the words made by Franklin D. Roosevelt right before the United Stated of American enter World War II.

America was still feeling the effects of the Great Depression when they were pulled into that war, and that’s when group of brave men and women stepped up to protect this country.

Shenandoah Baptist Church Pastor, Brent Coley, said putting on this event was personal for.

"My Grandfather passed away 17 months ago, and that got me thinking about the generation we are quickly losing, and so we decided to honor the World War II veterans,” said Partor Coley. “Then it went from that to seeking those who had distinguishing awards or accommodations, and that’s how we got Sgt. Coolidge here."

Sgt. Charles Coolidge is a Medal of Honor recipient. He lives in Signal Mountain and still calls it his home today. Coolidge was a technical sergeant in World War II.

During this weekend of celebrating America’s Independence, this church wanted to celebrate their vets.

While there Coolidge was able to reflect about his generation and their impact.

"We are a free county because of the generation I grew up in, and it’s marvelous to be apart of that greatest generation, because with out a doubt we probably accomplished more than any other generation,” Coolidge said.

When asked to speak about the generations after him and their mark on history, he said be patient.

"Every generation will have its battles to fight no matter what kind they are, they will always have war."

Coolidge jokingly said that he may not be the war hero he is today if he had the opportunity to do it over again.

Coolidge said, "Well I wouldn’t have done it the first time if I would have had a choice."

Shenandoah Baptist Church said this will not be the last event they put on for our veterans. Next year they will honor our Prisoners of War.

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