Sheriff Hammond Wants New Guns, More Cars and Better Computers In Budget

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Hamilton County Sheriff’s department wants new guns, more cars and better computers.

Stating they are years behind where they need to be.

"Guns should last forever, no, an officer has to go through training numerous times throughout the year and firing that weapon occurs a lot, the ammunition itself, believe it or not you can have what’s called rotten ammunition".

Hammond added his SWAT team need more long rifles as well as new glocks.

However he feels another major concern is the lack of SRO’s in our schools.

"There’s 70 something schools in the county we only have SRO’s  in about 24/25 of those schools, we would like to have an SRO in every high school and middle school, i’d love to have them in every school but practically speaking I don’t see us getting the elementary schools any time soon".

Hammond’s views are echoed by Hamilton County Schools.

Lee McDade, Assistant Superintendent Hamilton County Schools,"They are the police so they have the authority to do, but they also build relationships and help in the school and with the culture of the school making it a better safer place".

8 SRO’s were added last year at a cost of 1 million dollars to Hamilton County.

Joe Graham, District 6 Hamilton County Commission,"The sheriff at the budget hearing said he was just putting forth his wish list everything he could think of that he would like to have and he does that every year which is what he should do, he comes in there and asks for everything he possibly can so what we will do us look at the amount of money we have and divide it up the best we can".

Hammond added his officer’s laptops are good for 5 years but his team is working with computers that are now 7 years old.

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