Sheriff’s Department Chaplain update from archaeological dig in Israel

(WDEF) — For the last few weeks we’ve been keeping up with one of the chaplains at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department who’s taking part in an archaeological dig in Israel.

Greg Stephens is a theologian and former college professor who developed an interest in the archaeological digs going on in Israel several years ago.

He was invited to join a team working near Jerusalem, and has been there for several days.

He spoke with our Ashley Henderson by Skype from Israel.

“You see these places, you read about in the bible, you begin to see for instance, distances, you can’t really sense when you’re reading scripture, be getting a sense of the day to day life. In the archaeological finds you see. Again, it is driving home the absolute reliability and reality of what the bible is presenting,” the chaplain said.

Greg Stephens is one of several law enforcement-trained chaplains at the sheriff’s department.

Our own Indiana Jones returns to Chattanooga later this week.

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