Sheriffs Urge Victims to Sign Up For Tennessee Savin

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – Tennessee crime victims can now find out when an offender is released from custody.
The goal is to keep crime victims safer when a potentially dangerous individual is back on the street.
East Tennessee officers spent the day learning about Savin, the statewide Victim information notification.

All 95 Tennessee counties are taking part in Savin.
And officers from the south eastern corner of the state are training to use it.
The Savin program is something law enforcement agencies have talked about for years.

SHERIFF JIM HAMMOND, HAMILTON COUNTY "I think back several years ago on a call I received from a panicked victim who was very concerned on hearing that the perpetrator had gotten out of jail..tried to make contact with her. I think at that time we were already discussing this kind of program."

GARY CORDELL, COORDINATOR, TENNESSEE SAVIN "Its an anonymous, automated system where the perpetrator of the crime doesn’t know you’re even following their movement."

The Grundy county sheriff’s office is already handing out the information to victims of every domestic violence.

SHERIFF CLINT SHRUM, GRUNDY COUNTY "That way they can be notified if there’s an order of protection in place. It kinda lets us know..let’s them know to be on the lookout for that person. If they see them contact us..that way we can take action then."

GARY CORDELL, COORDINATOR, TENNESSEE SAVIN "It can also save lives. Say someone gets out of jail and you don’t know it…a threat to you . This service provides you with a way to keep up with their status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Citizens can easily register to get notices.

GARY CORDELL "You have two choices, either in Tennessee, you can either choose a phone notification or email..or both."

The system deals with people in county jails and advises victim when that person has been transferred, is back on the street or has died.

Savin is funded by state and federal grants and is sponsored by the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association.

The phone number to register for Savin is 1-888-868-4631.

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