Shooting at Hamilton Place Mall

A fight in a parking lot at the Hamilton Place Mall Saturday night led to shots fired.

The incident happened outside Bar Louie and the suspect is still on the loose.

Patrick Hickey was working at the Shoe Department at the Hamilton Place Mall Saturday when he learned from friends working at another store there was a shooting.

He told News 12 what the scene was near his store right after the incident, and how surprised he was the mall wasn’t on lockdown with an active shooter still loose.

"There were only three stores locked down after I found out the shooter came back in the mall that the mall was still not locked down," said Hickey who works at the Shoe Dept. in the mall. "I know it’s a weekend. The mall needs to make its money. Everyone needs to make money. They don’t want anyone freaking out. But if you have an active shooter in the mall, you don’t need to be having business as is. You need to take care of the situation."

According to Chattanooga police, an altercation involving several people took place outside Bar Louie in the parking lot Saturday evening.

Atleast one shot was heard and the suspect then ran inside the mall, crowded with afternoon shoppers and diners.

"There is a protocal and I don’t know if they did everything by the books or not," said Hickey. "I just know if someone came back, especially in a building this large and this many people here on the weekend you need to do alot better than just three stores closing."

A woman shopping with hers children told News 12 she wished the mall let shoppers know over a speaker system.

Chattanooga police did say they did a full sweep of the mall and concluded the shooter was no longer on the property.

No injuries were reported and the Chattanooga police will continue the investigation.

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