Shootings Have Nearly Doubled in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Reports indicate that gang violence has dropped due to former Mayor Andy Berke’s Violence Reduction Initiative but as of late we are seeing shooting incidents nearly double compared to this time last year.

A post on says gang violence has decreased by 64% within the city.

Chattanooga Police say that there have only been four fatal shootings in 2021, which is the same amount during the same time in 2020.

But overall, the city has had 17 more shootings (45) than this time last year (28).

Recently, CPD reported two shooting incidents that involved minors.

One on Carolyn Lane and the other on Chandler Avenue.

“The community is always one our biggest assets when it comes to situations like this” said Sgt. Jeremy Eames. “If they know somethings and they can provide us some information they can always remain anonymous.”

The Carolyn Lane shooting on Friday, April 16th occurred in District 5 which is newly-elected city councilman Isiah Hester’s district.

“We need the community to get involved” said Councilman Hester. “We need the churches to get involved. We know it’s going to be a long hot summer.”

Councilman Hester plans to meet with Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy in the upcoming weeks.

“I think one of the things I want to do with (Chief) Roddy is work with him to create a task force where we can try to tackle this thing head on. Also once I do talk with Roddy, I want to create a committee of folks in the neighborhood where we can think about options and solutions for not only our kids but the adults too in this community” said Councilman Hester.

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