Shoplifting Suspect Crashes In WDEF-TV Parking Lot

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – To look out the window at WDEF News 12 and see a lot of cop cars at 4 o’ clock in the morning is just plain bizarre, according to News 12 Anchor, Joe Legge.

Legge adds, "The cops were out of their vehicles with their guns drawn heading off that way into our gated parking lot."

Chattanooga Police say Sawyer Clanton, 19, tried to steal more than $500 worth of x-box controllers, playstation controllers, and a 12-pack of Bud Light from the Lookout Valley Wal-Mart.

Police chased him all the way into our parking lot.

That’s when Clanton came through the station’s gated fence, hit a news vehicle, and a stone picnic table.

Legge, adds, "He drove fairly well, almost like a stunt car driver in order to maneuver between the vehicles and the satellite dishes out at the satellite garden."

Clanton eventually drove through the TV station’s chain link fence and into Chattem’s metal gate.

Court papers show Clanton then tried to run from police, but was tackled and then tazed because he reportedly tried to break a police officer’s finger.

This all happened before the anchors could get their morning cup of coffee.

Clanton faces 8 charges including assault and evading arrest.

His mug shot was not readily available at the time of broadcast because officers say he "wasn’t cooperating."

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