Shoppers take advantage of tax-free weekend in Tennessee

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Shoppers took advantage that it was the start of Tennessee’s Tax-Free Weekend.

On Friday, parking lots at stores were packed. Over at Office Depot, people like Adam Scales and his family, were taking advantage of the no sales tax. They were getting a head start on back to school shopping.

Scales was also getting supplies for his daughter’s classroom.

“She is an English teacher so there are a lot of supplies that don’t get bought unless it is bought by outside individuals parents or relatives,” Scales said.

The tax rate varies by county, but experts say people usually save seven percent on purchases.

Tax exempt items include school supplies, computers, and clothing. Depending on the price it might not be tax free.

“We are just thankful that Tennessee does tax free weekend,” Tina Laubscher said.

People shopping for back to school clothes and shoes, say it can be expensive so every little bit helps.

“Well, I had received a 20 percent off coupon and realized it was tax free weekend and so I wanted to take advantage of both of those,” Laubscher said.

Stores like Fleet Feet are also seeing customers come in because of the tax free holiday.

“It started off as back to school shopping, but I think if you really market it towards just your normal consumer that is where you get most business. So if you target it that way instead of just targeting back to school, I think you are more likely to get more business,” said Steve Carter, Fleet Feet owner.

For shoppers, this could not have come at a better time.

“There have been some good deals because of not only the sales but then there’s the other parts with the tax free plus the sales. Plus a lot of availability of everything. So it has been really good,” Scales said.

The tax-free deal will end on Sunday.

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