Signal Mountain fraud suspect facing charges in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – The man at the center of a high profile fraud investigation in Signal Mountain has been arrested again.

The name Marcus Nix might ring a bell to many people. It was just two weeks ago when News 12 reported on his 15-count indictment for electronic fraud and identity theft. In that case, Signal Mountain police told News 12 he used his position as a nurses aid to steal the identities of six elderly people at a local retirement village.

According to investigators, Nix used those identities to obtain credit cards and thousands of dollars worth of loans. But Nix is now back in jail after Chattanooga police linked him to a fraud case involving another elderly woman.

“He’s been busy. Luckily it was all in a short time frame and we were able to kind of get it stopped quickly, but had we not it would have ugly for a while,” said Signal Mountain Police Chief Mike Williams.

According to the latest arrest affidavit file by Chattanooga Police, Nix used his position as a nurses aid to gain possession of a clients credit card and even added himself to the card as an authorized user.

Now according to authorities, that stolen credit card was used at various locations around Chattanooga, including a local Best Buy store where police said Nix made a $961 purchase.Nix’s image was captured on store surveillance video at the time he made that purchase.

News 12 can also confirm that Nix is facing similar accusations in Loudon County Tennessee.

“When he has final disposition here, he will have to go to Loudon County Tennessee and face charges there,” Williams said.

The company that hired Nix as a nurses aid asked not be identified. However the director told news 12 he fired Nix after learning about his arrest. The director went on to tell News 12 that Nix had only worked for the company for a week before he was arrested. It wasn’t until after he was fired that his criminal background check came back with major red flags about thefts in Destin Florida.

He remains locked up at the Hamilton County jail on a $30,000 bond.

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