Signal Mountain School Zones

Police say on Monday morning a woman nearly struck a police officer, then avoided a head on collision with another car with a child passenger.

This happened at an intersection at Nolan Elementary school.

After the close call, the Signal Mountain Police department took to Facebook for witnesses to reach out for any information.

Investigators say the incident happened during peak rush hours, as parents were dropping their kids off at school on the way to work.

Hannah Peterson is a nanny who knows all about the morning traffic in Signal Mountain.

She believes drivers are should take responsibility.

“When you’re driving with your kids, that’s the most important time to be aware of what’s going on. I just think that in the morning people are either in a rush sometimes, or just not paying as much attention as they should be.”

She also believes texting and driving is an issue as well.

“If we hear anything, or see our phones light up, it’s just such a response to people and it needs to just be put away. Not within hands reach.”

High-visibility gear worn by police officers on the road is enough of an indicator to alert drivers, says Signal Mountain Police Chief Mike Williams

“We’ve gotten gloves for them with high-visibility, so there’s no question that they’re out there there. But if you’re not paying attention, you could seriously injure someone very quickly.”

Stronger security could be a possible solution.

“We’re looking at some other options, maybe some portable cameras over there to try and video. If something like that happens, get a tag number and a better description to follow up and prosecute. Because we’re afraid somebody is going to get hurt seriously over there in the morning”

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