Signal Mountain’s Preston Elwell Owns a National Title Throwing the Javelin

Chattanooga-(WDEF) When Preston Elwell is seen with a javelin, the questions soon follow.

Said Preston,"It’s over 8-feet tall, so when you walk around, people are always interested in what the heck that is. At Winthrop, everybody wanted a fun fact. And so my fun fact for me has always been easy giving a fun fact because nobody else can usually top it."
    Preston picked up the sport from his father Jeff, who threw in college.
So how exactly do you throw a javelin?
Said Preston,"Well, first you have to figure out your grip. There are three types of grips, and I use what’s called the fork grip. And then the most important thing is getting a good plant foot. Striking it. Getting a good arm pull back. If your arm is like this (low), your maximum distance decreases quite a bit."
   Thanks to his javelin throwing ability, Elwell earned a partial scholarship to Winthrop.
And he just might be enjoying his best summer ever in the sport.
"Couple of weekends ago, I was in Bloomington, Indiana, at Indiana University for the USATF. That’s the United States Track and Field Association Youth Nationals. I threw it 181-feet three inches on my final throw to capture my first national title."
  Elwell has also qualified for the AAU Junior Olympics.
But it’s the Summer Olympic games Elwell dreams about the most.
"Fact my lanyard for my keys has a U.S. Olympic team on it to remind me that’s where I always want to go."
Said Jeff Elwell,"He would have to throw about 25-meters farther than he’s throwing now to make it to the Olympic Games. Part of it is training. Part of it is hard work, and we’ll just see what happens."
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