Silverdale Detention Center failed a state health inspection last week

Read their plan for fixing the complaints found in the report


County officials now report that the state re-inspected the kitchen facilities at Silverdale Detention Center this morning.

They say the facility passed this time after Aramark addressed issues from the failed inspection last week.

“This re-inspection, completed just days after the initial inspection on May 13th, demonstrates Aramark’s commitment to ensuring the best possible food services for the inmates in our custody.”


HCSO and Aramark personnel will continue to work with the Health Department to ensure all remaining issues are resolved in a timely manner and the standards remain.

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Tennessee Department of Health says the Silverdale Detention Center failed a food inspection.

The state made the inspection last week after receiving complaints about the food served by Aramark.

They found multiple cleanliness violations and food that was allowed to cool at room temperature for extended periods.

State officials report that the Sheriff’s Office and Aramark have discussed the findings and brought in a new Food Services Manager to oversee the kitchen.

“While Silverdale’s recent health report is disappointing, I am confident Aramark Corporation is taking this incident very seriously and their management has indicated to me that this is in no way acceptable for their company nor is it conducive to their standards of operations,” stated Sheriff Jim Hammond. “The HCSO is committed to excellence and we will continue to work with Aramark to ensure the inmates in our custody receive the best quality services possible that meet or exceed Tennessee Corrections Institute (TCI) and Health Department standards.” he further noted.

Jail officials will also paint the kitchen and fix a whole in the plaster of a wall.

Aramark has come up with an action plan to address the issues raised by the Health Department.

Aramark Plan of Action

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