Silverdale’s Laney Bone the Backbone of Seahawks Basketball Team

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Silverdale junior Laney Bone is known for her stellar skills on the basketball court.
However, it’s her smile and love for her teammates that shine even brighter.
News 12’s Angela Moryan shows us why Bone is our Scholar Athlete of the Week.

Said head coach Victor Underwood: “We would struggle to score if she wasn’t on the floor. We have a lot of great girls on our team, but I think everybody knows that the offense flows through Laney.”

Junior forward Laney Bone leads the Silverdale girls basketball team in scoring nearly every night. She’s averaging 22 points and 13 rebounds after eight games, making her the number one target for opposing defenses.

Said teammate Tessa Gibson: “Oh it doesn’t surprise me.”

Said Underwood: “She’s always been a great scorer. But she’s continued to work on her game and develop this off-season. She’s playing her best basketball right now.”

And not just offensively. Bone shines on the defensive side of the court as well.

Said Underwood: “Even the other night, she held her opponent, the girl she was guarding, scoreless. So she’s not just working hard on offense. She’s working hard on all aspects and that’s what you want from one of your best players.”

But when you ask her accomplishments, she shifts the credit to pretty much any one else.

Said Bone: “It’s just my teammates encouraging me and my coaches pushing me hard and my parents also encourage me and they sacrifice a lot for me. They push me every day.”

Bone transferred into Silverdale midway through her freshman year. Now, the Seahawks are her family.

Said Bone: “I love people pushing me to be my best, and here at Silverdale, they push me to be my best and also they push me to be closer to God and I really appreciate that because I give all my glory to God. That’s what motivates me every day.”

She’s a star athlete, an A student, and now she takes on a leadership role for the Eagles.

Said Underwood: “Laney’s always been an introvert, but she’s been coming outside of her shell and communicate with her teammates more and just set a standard for pursuing excellence. That’s one of the things we try to do with our players, just talk about what great looks like, and Laney’s done a great job with that too.”


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