Skyuka Hall online learning

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Kids who learn differently rely on interaction with their teachers.

The coronavirus pandemic is making learning more difficult for them.

But Skyuka Hall is trying to solve that problem as they do online lessons, by helping kids who might need a little extra attention.

Ashley Moore is the Division Head at Skyuka.

“Well, I can continue to learn even if I am not in the physical building of our school. Because our school, is it just about the physical building? Our school is about the community that we work so hard to foster.”

Because teachers can’t have that one on one interaction, they are finding different ways to reach their kids with their online lesson plans.

Teacher Tiffani Fleck knows her students may have questions.

“They want to hear it from me. That’s why all of my assignments have videos of me reading the directions.”

Moore says they are adapting, and the kids are still learning.

“This has been one of those hurdles, so our students and our staff are doing an awesome job, truly outstanding above and beyond what we could’ve even imagined it would be; to push beyond the barrier of COVID-19.”

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