These are the slowest selling vehicles now in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The latest study by iSeeCars compares how long it is taking for both new and used cars to sell right now in Chattanooga.

The idea is that the slower moving vehicles are an opportunity to drive a harder bargain with sellers.

They found that of the vehicles on lots in January the average sale time was 42.4 days for new cars and 40.3 for used in Chattanooga.

But the slowest moving vehicles are not off brand or low selling vehicles.

Their analysis found your best chance for striking a deal is on a new Nissan Sentra or a used Toyota Rav4.

Slowest- Selling New and Used Vehicles in Chattanooga,TN
New Cars Used Cars
Rank Vehicle Days to Sell (Avg.) Vehicle Days to Sell (Avg.)
1 Nissan Sentra 110.1 Toyota RAV4 64.3
2 Hyundai Tucson 86.4 Kia Soul 59.9
3 Nissan Rogue 85.3 Toyota Highlander 53
4 Nissan Kicks 69 Ford Escape 51.3
5 Kia Rio 64.2 Toyota Corolla 46.8
Chattanooga,TN Averages 42.4 40.3


Nationally, the fastest selling are luxury vehicles.

A new Chevy Corvette sells in just 10 days.

A used Hyndai Palisade moves in 26 days.

You can see the full report, here.



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