Smith-Perry Berries starts drive thru strawberry services

OOLTEWAH, Tenn (WDEF) – Smith – Perry Berries strawberry field located off of Georgetown road is hard at work getting ready for a busy strawberry season.

But, they will be selling their strawberries a little differently this year.

Normally this time of the year, the strawberry field would be packed with people picking their own fresh strawberries, but due to COVID-19, Smith-Perry Berries has had to change their way of selling by starting a strawberry drive thru.

“Well, we are having to change the way we market them. We are having cars pull up, We take the order and get the berries to the car. They can pay cash, check or swipe their card at the cars. They don’t have to get out of their cars and come up to the counter any more,” says Aubie Smith , Co-Owner of Smith – Perry Berries.

Owners say their employees are doing whatever they can to make sure the customers are safe. 

The berries come in buckets and go on sale at 9 am but cars begin to line up before 8 a.m.

Co Owner Aubie Smith says the cooler weather is helping them catch up after getting a late start on planting the berries. 

“The cooler weather is helping us right now. It is putting more blooms on because we got our berries planted late. So we will not have as many berries per plant this year. As long as it will stay cool the next couple of weeks it will help us have more berries,” says Smith.

Owners say they will continue with the drive through for the remainder of the year to ensure the safety of not only your family, but also theirs.

Smith – Perry Berries will officially open for strawberry season next week and judging by the line of cars, these strawberries are the freshest around.

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