Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car and Jet Truck coming to Wings Over North Georgia Air Show

ROME, Georgia (WDEF) – The jets aren’t just in the air at the upcoming Wings Over North Georgia Air.

The air show has also booked the Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car and Jet Truck.

You’ve seen the 10,000 hp Jet Car take on various planes at the show in a race before.

But this year, they are adding the Hot Streak II Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Truck to the land vs. sky duel.

It is a modified 57 Chevy Pickup which boasts two Pratt & Whitney turbojet engines producing 25,000 hp and reaches top speeds of 350 mph.

The 17-foot truck weighs in at approximately 4,300 pounds and produces 12,500 pounds of thrust.

As driver Hayden Proffitt revs the engines to head towards the start line, spectators will not only see and hear the power of the land-bound contender, but will feel the ground rumble.

Tickets are now on sale for the show at the Russell Regional Airport in Rome on October 21-22 at

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